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Could use some tips on sliders

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I have found very few frame sliders for the strada. Rizoma look the best so far. Anyone have suggestions on:

Frame sliders
Bar ends
3/4 levers (not 2 finger Stubbs)
Water pump protector (Rizoma best I've found so far)
Case saver or cover (haven't found any so far)

Lastly, opinions on crash bars?

Really appreciate the help, likely there's several threads on this, just haven't been able to find them.

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Thanks TexBB! Hope you never have to find out. :)

@Harring10. We have both the Rizoma and Motovation sliders. Slightly different designs but both work well. We find the waterpump sliders are really important as we have had to change the waterpump on one of our bikes already. :) Don't ask! LOL!
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