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I have a 2001 750SS and I put a Power Commander 3 USB on it. The air box lid is cut away and it has a K&N filter. It also has an 800SS header and Remus carbon fiber high mount exhaust.

I downloaded the Remus file from here and sent the map to the Power Commander. That got me close. But it has the random cough off of idle after I have been sitting at a traffic light for a couple minutes. You can hear it pop through the air filter. It only does it when I first crack the throttle. It started doing this after I swapped the 800SS header. There are no exhaust leaks. It just feels lazy off idle since the header swap. I even replaced the plugs and they were not fouled. I am using the Accelerator Pump feature trying to Band-Aid it but that does not work.

Any idea how to tune this behavior away? Bikes runs awesome other than this and gets 50+ mpg every tank.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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