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This leak proof aluminum water reservoir for the 748-998 series is the final solution for the leaky OEM plastic reservoirs. Now in a slightly smaller size for easier installations.

Corse Dynamics Aluminum Coolant Tank V2: 748 / 916 / 996 / 998
Price: $239.95
SALE: $209 FREE Shipping

This aluminum water tank is a complete replacement of the factory part, just unscrew your factory cap and screw it onto this tank.
Tank has all OEM provisions for mounting accessories, and does not require any other modifications to be installed. This will eliminate all the issues with the OEM tanks leaking.
Features CNC billet aluminum nipples and CNC billet filler neck.
Welded by hand and tested for leaks. Made in the USA.

Ducati Coolant Tank Expansion Cap.
Pricing: $22.00
These are a common part to leak and allow the system to lose pressure and allow temps to rise. They are also great to pick up when installing the Corse Dynamic's aluminum coolant tank.

MOTUL MotoCool Coolant
A ready to use cooling liquid, antifreeze and anti-corrosion for bikes cooling systems.
•No mixing necessary
•Avoid engine overheating with its high boiling point 133°C/271°F

MOTUL MoCool additive

Top concentrated engine cooling additive that works in any cooling system of bikes, cars, ATVs.
•Reduce engine temperature by 15°C (30°F)
•Outstanding thermal exchange

MW Tuning Low Temp Fan Switch: Ducati 748, 916, & 996

The correct fan switch to lower the operating temperature of your Ducati.
*OEM: Fan turns on at 197°, fans turns off at 188°
*MW Tuning Switch: Fan turns on at 179°, fan turns off at 152°
The idea with this switch is to keep your fan on as much as possible in the normal operating range to ensure no chance of over heating, but unlike manual fan switches this will ensure your fan is always turned off when the bike is off.
This kit includes the switch, new crush gasket, and 2 spade fittings.
This kit will require you to clip off the OEM plug, strip the wire, and crimp the wire into the new spade fittings.
Switch is made in Italy

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping passwords:
GLOBAL250 gets 25% off shipping on orders over $250
GLOBAL500 gets 50% off shipping on orders over $500
GLOBAL750 gets 75% off shipping on orders over $750

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