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I have gotten hold on a Öhlins fork from a 748R and put them on my standard 748, I only needed the bottom yoke from the 748R and then there is a brake disc offset problem left. My current discs have a offset of 10mm, but when I google 748R discs all I can find is ones that has 15mm offset and according my measurements I only need 2.5-3mm added offset to make it fit, so 15mm would be to much. I tried adding a 2.5mm (because that is what I have on hand) spacer between the wheel and the disc but then the speedometer (the thing on the wheel sending the rpm of the wheel to the speedometer, dont know the english word) can not rotate freely from the disc bolts.

So... Have anybody put a 748R fork on a standard 748? What did you do with the disc offset? Are there any discs with 12.5-13mm offset that will fit or how do I make this work?

Thank you
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