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Hi everyone,

Things have been serious here in the Bay Area for some time now, but it just went to a new level today.
Sonoma County is NOT part of this YET.
Kathy, the help, and I will be coming into the shop until they say we cannot.
You can CALL 707 836 7659 and get a hold of us
You can email us at [email protected]
I will be posting here and updating all of you.
We have an incentaive sale that I will post later today, so check it out.

"Bay Area public health officials are expected to issue a shelter-in-place order affecting residents of six counties and spanning at least three weeks, but Sonoma County remains one three counties in the region not yet covered by the pending order.
Sonoma County health department spokesman Rohish Lal confirmed Monday afternoon that Sonoma County is not at this point joining other Bay Area counties in asking residents to sharply limit any excursions outside the home.

Those orders are expected to be announced 1 p.m. Monday by public health officials in San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.
Exceptions to shelter-in-place instructions include trips to the grocery store, according to the report.
Authorities have scheduled a 1 pm news conference today."

There is rumor this can go on until June or even to August!!

We think the best way to isolate and protect yourself is a ....... "Helmet, ... a Motorcycle, ... an open road, ... luggage and communications ?????

Richard & Kathy

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This is a note that just came in for one of our vendors I would like you to read and share
I have changed a few words to represent our business

"To our customers and our customers, customers.
We value you and your business. We all need you.

I won't talk about all the cleaning we are doing, it's a given,
I won't sell you toilet paper, unless you really need it.
I will ask that you support as many small businesses as
possible. We deal with so many businesses that now,
more than ever need to have patrons.

Here is how:

  • Order delivery
  • Buy gift cards for later use
  • Advocate for emergency changes in our government for
help and services
* Social promoting, Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snap., Tik....
And any other platform I don't understand.
* Businesses need the cash to survive, if they can
get it sooner, the easier it will be to weather the storm.

  • Be Kind, we are all in this together
  • Be giving, we are all in this together
  • Be proactive, we are all in this together
  • Be healthy, we are all in this together

What we can do as businesses:

* Order lunch for the staff, so they don't have to take
the chance of interaction.
  • Close as needed to let families be together. (if you can afford)
  • Let customers know if you are open and how they can
safely attain your services.

RKA will be open, as long as we are allowed.
We ask that you communicate through email or phone and
if you need to pick up a product, we will gladly look at delivery options (free of charge).
If you need advice, an ear to talk to or just a laugh,
please email or call. We are thankful to our community
and thankful to have all of you as customers.

Again, we are all in this together.

We cannot think of a better way to say this ...

Richard & Kathy
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