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Corbin Seats

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I am looking for an aftermarket seat for a Superlight. The OEM one is like wood. It looks like Corbin is the only one who makes them short of a true custom seat. I am looking at the basket weave leather vs the carbon fiber leather. Anyone have one or the other?

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Basket weave

My seat has the basket weave pattern,very comfy!

I guess this is for a supersport? I've had 2 of them and it is probably the best mod for the buck. The Corbin is great, mine has slight texture on the leather and tri-color flag in the crotch. 600 mile treks, no problem.

The interesting part is that I cannot determine why it is comfortable. It is flat and feels harder. It just works.
I got the leather version on my monster and ST, thought about getting the "carbon fibre" one for my SS, weather is a bit more "classy" imo while the carbon fibre looks nice racy (keep in mind i haven't seen it in real life). I assume both will stay good with use, since they're corbin :)

PS: i assume you know it's not really carbon fibre? it's a lookalike product.
Sargent doesn't make the solo seat (SL or FE). The carbon fiber look leather may be the way to go.
I agree about the corbin feeling hard to the touch but being comfortable. Put the basketweave pattern one on when I had 2000 miles on my bike and am still enjoying it 36,000 miles later. Took it out of the box and rode from Ohio to Daytona Beach without any problems. I highly recommend this seat.
I"ve got the Corbin solo seat in basket weave - agree with Varmit: hard, flat, but comfortable. It's heavy and wide, but looks fine once mounted. I'd do it again.

I have an extra corbin seat that came with the bike when I bought it. Don't know how old it is but it is in great condition. I will send you pictures sometime this week. I am trying to clean out the garage since I have 2 bikes and the wifey asked me to dispose my junk or else...:D

The seat looks exactly like the one I have on my SS w/o the seat cowl.

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Corbin's current basket weave material seems to hold up much better than previous generations and is quite comfortable(I've got an R80G/S with a basket weave saddle that I've logged some miles on)...the carbon look stuff is really nice, and appears to be very durable.

I will be putting an FE tail section on my '98 CR soon. I found a basket weave Corbin 2 piece seat on eBay for a good price and was very happy with the quality and fit.

One interesting possible side benefit from installing a Corbin a mono SS is that the nose of the saddle where it meets the tank may provide additional support and distribute the load of rider weight in a way the stock unit doesn't, thereby minimizing cracking around the tail's lower support holes. This has been reported to me from a couple of folks who have gone to a Corbin. Your mileage may vary...
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