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I recently bought a Corbin gunfighter seat for my '16 Monster 821 but can't seem to get it to fit properly. When I fit the seat by the tank correctly (and push it forward as hard as I can) it doesn't seem like the latch lines up 100%. I can get it to latch but it's extremely hard and I feel like I'm going to damage the rear seat cowl... When looking at the mechanism under the seat there are scratches from where the peg on the seat scraped against the metal next to the hole (closer to the taillight end). Yesterday I latched it but apparently not correctly - when I got home from work and got off the bike the seat was not connected.

Last night I put 3/4" washers under the lock mechanism but it's still not lining up properly, although it is slightly easier to latch now.

Has anybody had this happen before? I'll try to call Corbin today but so far their customer service is not impressing me (rear seat cowl thread doesn't match the stock hardware, their customer service couldn't tell me the bolt size I need to use instead)
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