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Well....there are at least two of us in the club. According to the guage I am overheating on a regular basis at 248F when I am in summer or stop and go traffic. I've checked the system for air voids and proven the operation of the fans in coming on at the correct temperature. No changes, so I bought a new thermostat which I will install the next time I have the fairings off.

( Interesting to me is that the dealers say they don't have a diagnostic procedure for the thermostat. Just like in your car it seems to be a replace-on-suspicion item.)

In certain conditions it is enough to have me thinking heart attack, but so far, nothing has broken and with the cold morning air that I ride in, I won't have a problem. But come spring, or any city riding ( yuk!) I need to replace that thermostat. If that doesn't do it then I will certainly go with LT's higher flow fan, and a manual switch. Certainly it pisses me off that I need to do this, but with my riding habits which are to get the hell out of town ASAP, it is not yet a critical issue with me. And I really love this bike.

Has anyone else experienced this situation ?

FatguyRacer said:
Thread Revival!!!

I was riding on Saturday in the 70+ degree heat we were having on the East coast. While doing stop and go traffic thru historic Annapolis on the way to a meetup my coolant temp was hitting 248. It never went above 248, but it was flashing at me when it was reading it. Once out of town the temps stayed down, but anytime i hit slow traffic the temps would climb back up.

Has anyone else seen temp readings this high. I'm thinking my fans arent kicking in, but then again maybe they are. The temp never went past 248 and the red check engine light never came on. There was no visable signs of overheating and i'm running straight water as far as i know. (my coolant reservior is clear)

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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