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kingcapt said:
Here are several photos of the ConvertiBar Install I have mentioned over the past several weeks. Sorry it has taken soooo long. I have been a crazy busy.

I have also taken the liberty, or put differently, included pix of the grips and bar-end mirrors that I have installed as I did not have much choice as they're also part of my hand control mods that I have finally completed. -I know there has been a fair amount of interest in gel-grips, bar-end mirror options, problems with the OEMs on the Sport 1000's, etc. So I am going to kill a bunch of birds with a few stones as Ben Franlkin once quipped...or something like that... ;)

Hope y'all like 'em. Again, sorry for taking so long. -Capt

Someone needs to let the KING borrow a real camera...

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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