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Hey there,

We've gotten numerous reports about this on our other forums.
These pop-ups are usually reported by users on iOS devices on Safari.
There are fewer reports when users use Chrome or Firefox.

So the next time you see these ads, we'd need ALL the following info:

1.What device you're using.
2.The OS/browser you're using. Also, provide the skin/view you're on (e.g enhanced mobile view, full skin)
3.Your general location (State/City).
4.The URL of the ad, you can get this by right clicking the ad and click "copy link address". You can also click "inspect" and copy the highlighted text.
5. Screenshot
6. IP Address (whatsmyip.org)

Once we get that we can send it to our tech team and get them to investigate. We report them as we see them but right now there is no global fix for this. This is happening from forums to CNN.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note that this isn't a replication thing, we're reporting each individual ad because each one is unique like a snowflake

21 - 22 of 22 Posts