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We are now offering Condor front motorcycle Stands in store and online. The Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is a fully adjustable wheel locking system capable of accommodating front and rear wheel sizes from 14-22" in diameter and 80-230W wide.

Use this stand in your garage, truck bed or trailer to effortlessly hold your motorcycle upright securely (should go without saying, but bike still needs to be tied down if in a truck bed or trailer). No more worrying about tipping your bike over when in storage!

Also available is a Condor kit to bolt the stand down to your trailer, truck bed or in my case the floor of my Sprinter Van.

View this video to see the stand in action to understand how it works and why you need it!

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Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop Motorcycle Stand
Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop Adapter Kit
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