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Concord/Charlotte ride Sat.?

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Anyone in the area up for a little meet and ride..??

Maybe hook around 10:30 and ride for a few hrs.?
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I might be up for it, depending on what the wife has in store for tomorrow. Where are you thinking about going? ...do you mind if I don't own a Ducati, just a mere sport touring bike?
I sent ya an e-mail..:confused:

LEft Concord around 11:30 AM. took all the back roads up thru Statesville to Wilksboro, then up to the BRP.. BRP over to Sparta, then back thru Mocksville and Salisbury to Concord. Great day of riding. almost 300 Miles..:D
My bad....I didn't check my email Saturday, how disappointing. Sounds like you had a good ride. Let's try to hook up again. Brian
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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