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Powercruise said:
Okay I had this question spinning in my head for a while.

What should the front and rear preload, compression, damping set to a rider 170-180 pounds for aggresive street riding/track?
Currently riding 1999, 996 that's has Showa mounted.

While I'm at it, what is the difference between Showa and Ohlins?

I run my bike much like the "Track use" recommendations from Ducati, found here. http://www.ducati.com/bikes/service.jhtml?part=archive&service=detail&detailId=14
Without Rider / With Rider
Front 30 mm (25 mm) / 45-50 mm (35 mm)
Rear 10 mm (5 mm) / 40 mm (30 mm)

Compression- and rebound damping should be "In the middle" to start with.. if you have 20 clicks from Max to Min, then run at 10 clicks to start with and adjust according to situation.

I run a little more compression front (1 click in) and a little less rebound rear (2 clicks out). Also a little more "sag" rear, since i have a pretty hard spring and and I´ve raised the rear abit (15mm)..

Here is Ducati´s word on the chassie setup aswell.

Showa make good suspension´s, don´t get me wrong, but there is a reason why all MotoGP and WSBK teams (except Honda) use Öhlins suspensions. They are simply the best at what they make.

Will a "normal" rider feel a diffrence? I sure as h*ll did! It was night and day! Both Front, rear and steering dampers are just.. better.. I felt like alot more information was being fed back through the bars, seat and chassie.

EDIT: But NCRick is DA MAN when it comes to this stuff.. Besides.. I live in Sweden and Öhlins is Made here.. i can´t very well go around saying anything but "Öhlins rules!" :cool:
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