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Comparison of hyper vs KTM 990sm

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So, as per my thread entitled "why the hate from ktm forums", I mentioned I was going to get a chance to try my friends ktm 990sm, and he would try out the hyper. Always fun to try new bikes, especially on decent mountain passes!

I am still very much a beginner, so don't take my findings too seriously :)

My view on the KTM:
Seat not very comfortable
More legroom though! (6'4")
Engine not as smooth at low revs, but.....
The extra bhp was noted, and appreciated - once above 4k rpm, awesome!
I noticed more vibration
Was nice to see the controls, without looking down!
Corners great, felt a little easier to turn in than the hyper
Looks better in person, made the hyper look rather small!!

Friends view on the hyper (he is very experienced, riding over 10 years):
Very comfortable
Engine very smooth, lovely sound, but lacking a little bhp (for him)
"it sounds like its going to break!" - not used to my open clutch cover hahaha
Little more work to turn in, but in general very smooth to ride.
Looks awesome

So, in the end, as already discussed, who cares what you ride, as long as your having fun....always a compremise somewhere.

He actually said, if the hyper had a similar power to his KTM, he would almost be sold. Whereas I would not mind the extra legroom of the KTM, but loved to get back on my hyper!
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