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So here's the deal...

The only riding I do these days is commuting to work (55 miles one way, some twisties, mostly one lane backroads and B roads).

As a former club racer, I feel a bit naked without leather. However, I feel a bit weird showing up to work in full leathers. These days I've been wearing my Rev-It Devil jacket and Rev-it pants (over shorts so I can slip them on/off). I wouldn't have an issue riding to work in leathers if I could wear shorts under the pants, but that's a bit unlikely. Slipping on/off a pair of leather pants in the parking garage is one thing, walking from the bathroom through the building in full leathers is another.

Any suggestions from other commuters on what you're wearing? I'm almost to the point where I'm willing to pony up for some ESquad jeans that I can just wear a leather jacket.
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I used to carry a backpack with clothes and that worked out great. I would show up to work in my old two piece and was changed in to regular clothes in 5 minutes or less.

I stopped using my bikes as transportation though. Riding through the city is just way too risky and to be honest I don't feel like getting run over by some fucking bitch on her cell phone or some d-bag who is late for work.

I only ride recreationally now. Track days and canyon/mountain runs.

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