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colored review mirrors and

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i may be apprenticing as a painter soon, for cars and bikes. as an extra profit i wonder how much people want their pre 2002 superbike mirrors to be red or yellow rather than black. i see them on ebay for $100, i'd sell for $60.

people interested or hack the idea.

depending on that response i wonder about the market of undecaled fairing.
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I would pay $60 for a set of white mirrors
send me your mirrors ill paint them for 60. i have 10 years of automotive paint experiance and paint airplanes for a living now
I think you'll find a few takers. My advice would be to buy a couple of sets yourself. Then do a swap out sort of arrangement. Maybe keep one yellow and one red ready to go. Then when someone sends you their stock set, send them back the other one. That's what a lot of wheel chromers do and seems to be what the couple of mirror painters I've seen do to.
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