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It seems to been going in bunches:fuel pump assembly nuts, potentiometer, now a coil pack connector...

I bought my ST 3 many years ago from someone, who dropped it in their garage. I never worried about the drop, because I got it for a fair price and it was a great bike to learn on, to ride and maintain. I lately have been having problems with the bike running smoothly. I started from the beginning, set the TPS, sync the TB's, set the bleeder screws and so on. I have been trying to unfix the mess from when the dealer worked on it a year ago. I am not a super star mechanic, but I am sure I can do better than the last shop, in LA, serviced it and took $600 of my money and it still isn't right! So when replacing the bent tank pad mounts, I noticed on the underside of the gas tank, paint was rubbing off. The connector for one of the coil pack was deformed because one of the mounts was off center, which was laying on the connector of the coil pack.

Where do I get a replacement connector to repair the damaged connector or do I need a new harness?


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