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code reader/scanners (Mathisis type)

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Who's got them, what kind and how much?

I have one for my Jeep and it is amazing. Realtime parameters, clears code, etc.. It has paid for itself already.

I'm looking for an aftermarket code reader for the 998.

I would perfer one that runs on the Palm operating system. But, I wouldn't discount a laptop based model or even a PC based model if the price was right.

I'm trying to track down a stalling issue. It would be nice to eliminate (for sure) some of the sensors and narrow it down before I start ripping things apart.

I've seen the TechnoResearch.com version. Pretty pricey but seem to have a lot of dianostic features. I like the data logging capability.

How effective are they in diagnosis of issues with the sensors, etc.? It could pay for itself within 3 "problems solved".

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I cannot be specific for your model, I have the T.R. software on my PC for the ST4s. I only use it for the fuel trim/CO, TPS. Then I use it once a year. Still on the third service, it will pay for itself (plus the Gunson CO analyzer). I guess that should you be able to do some sensor troubleshooting, there is even more value for you.

There are others on the list that have the Palm version. No doubt they will chime in.

Dave Harhay
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