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CO2 front exhaust plug size

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I recently had my bike at a dealer who checked the CO2 level, he had to drill out the old exhaust plug and replace it with a new one. After driving hundreds of miles around Scotland and returning home, I was changing my round cans back to the oval ones I normally run when the panniers are removed; and noticed a hole in the pipe where the plug should have been. I guess he didn't put thread lock on it, but have had to put a large bolt in the hole not threaded with a jubilee clamp to hold it in to stop the gases escaping.
My question is what thread and pitch size is this bolt as I can't find it in the torque setting of the service manual? this is an ST2 BTW.
I have one on an old set of down pipes I have but no amount of penetrating lub and an impact driver will shift it. The rear plug from the vertical cylinder is a different size as this one I could remove but it is smaller in diameter.
I'd like to fit one with a hexagonal head as I'd have more chance of removing it in future if it got stuck again.
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I've lost two of these, in spite of using red threadlock. I brought one of my OEM exhaust pipes to a fastener supplier, and they didn't have anything the right size. I haven't lost one for about 3 years now, but on the last one I replaced, I tightened the plug every weekend for about a month after initial installation. Not sure if you have a supplier like Motowheels over in the UK, but they are selling them if your dealer doesn't have them.

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