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SouthsideDuc said:
Thanks for the kind words. Here's some pics to show how fine the line can be between happiness and tragedy. In the first pic I've circled most of the damage. Note the black smear on the tank. That is proably where a handle bar hit me. The second pic shows the force with which he hit me. This is after bending the peg back enough so I could ride home. The shift lever was initially under the frame. The peg itself is bent as well as the mount welds being broken from the frame.

Damn near guaranteed that the bike is totalled with that damaged frame. My suggestion would be to buy it back (or let me buy it through you, if you don't want to) and then get a frame with a clear title and move everything over.

Then take the insurance money and buy something else.

Great job in keeping this episode from becoming worse....by hitting the GW rider with your bike....or a baseball bat.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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