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Hello all
dedicated thread related to MTS1200S clicking noise coming from front bike end, hearable mainly at low speed on bumpy road.
There are some hypothesis pronounced (steering head bearing clearance too high, front brake pads movement in caliper) and they seem logic, but at the end its not the stuff.

This noise is coming from FORKS, definitely.
You can check it in following way: rest the front wheel against wall with engine off. Thus you eliminate the influence of breaks (break pads).
Compress the front and you can hear the clicking noise.
Put your fingers on BLUE nut of the fork (see attached picture).
Compress and release several times and you can feel there is very small relative motion of the nut to fork body accompanied by this noise.
The noise is coming from some clearance inside, maybe between nut and rod (?).

Apart from that noise the forks work well.
I suppose it is design weakness, since I can hear the noise all the time I am owning this bike.
I did not find any suspicious during fork service at 25Tkm.
I will take closer look for the issue during next inspection at 50Tkm in next weeks.
Keep you informed.....

Note: This is related to Ohlins front fork on MTS1200S, model 2010-2013.


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It’s probably the “not an official service bulletin unless they ask about it” issue.

I had mine done under warranty when the dealer did my fork oil, seals and upgraded springs. It is less noticeable now but still present. It’s possible that it needs a second shim but I don’t really hear it anymore. Got used to it and I also wear headphones all the time.

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