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Clear turn signals 900ss...

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Quite some time ago a posted about clear turn singals for pre '99 Super Sports. Well, I found this guy here in Sweden who makes this kind of stuff for cars. I asked if he would be interrested making ones for our lovely Ducatis too.
My oem signals were a bit worn so I gave him a brand new pair for making the mold. Received a pair of clear one's and they look really good, still not on the bike though. Out of the box laid out on the kitchen table... :)
But here's a pic he provided in the meantime...


If you wanna contact him:

Daniel Blomqvist
+46 70 626 08 16
[email protected]


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correct email address...

Finally home after working away for 2,5 months..
Sorry my misstake. To get in contact with Daniel try [email protected].
Fitted the clear glasses and took her for a late spring premiere!
Sounds good, feels good and looks pretty good too with those clear ones on.


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I assume KentK doesn't check the forum to often with only 9 posts since 2004. But, if you look at his first post in this thread and click the thumbnail you can see them mounted on a blue SS (WTF). It is small, but you get the point. If I ever get my full fairings mounted I might have to spring for a set myself.
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