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I am planning to take my CF termignoni (45/50mm half system) exhuast off 998 and get them clear coated. I want the protection from exposure to UV rays and water/soap, etc... I have a few question for those that have clear coated there exhaust or have knowledge.

1) Does anybody know if the termignoni CF is pre-preg? It seems not to be pinhole free? Or do they use a UV inhibitator epoxy resin?

2) Does anybody have insight to the process used by DP on the exhuast?

3) Does anybody know how high the temp gets on the CF when the engine temp is around 180 (bike has been running)? How about when it gets hotter 210?

4) Does anybody know at what temperature a general clear coat will degrade?
Or can someone recommend a high UV, high temp industrial grade clear coat?

5) How many coats of clear have people put on their carbon fiber exhuast?

I know some of the questions are pretty technical, but I am trying prevent my CF exhaust from turning yellow from sun exposure and when the bikes gets washed with water. Thanks in advance.
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