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Clear Alternatives: What happened?

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I may have made my last purchase from these guys...

Over the years I've bought several sets of Clear Alternative lenses...some have been been better than others but their customer service has always been good. (an example being when they came out with a better fitting front blinker for Hayabusas than the original version and exchanged them at no charge for owners of the orginals)

I bought their front blinkers for my 999 and although I wasn't that pleased with the fit I left them on because they looked pretty good. Other than me (or you), no one would probably notice the raised edges...

I just got the rear ones in and these things are AWFUL! There's glue hanging out from the edges between the lense and the body and the edge of the inner foil coating runs unevenly between the body and the lense giving a very unfinished and poor quality appearance...

I called to let them know of my concern and the guy (Neto?) told me I can return them and the freight to me and back to them was my responsibility along with a 10% restocking charge...

Too bad for them... I like the look but I'm not going to hang some shoddily made, nickle looking crap on my $20,000 motorcycle. I'd pay twice as much if the shit fit.

If you're considering these, the front ones are passable but I'd stay clear (no pun intended) of the rears. FYI
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I also purchased the rear and the front signals. I purchased the rear first and did notice some of the poor quality you mentioned but not to the same degree. To my eye the quality is good enough and have a much more euro look than the factory yellow lenses.

I ordered the fronts about a week later and to my surprise another set of rear lenses showed up. They apologized, told me to keep them for my inconvenience and sent me the fronts which I haven't installed yet. Based on you're experience I'm interested to see what the fit is like.

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THey look great, but the quality... well I could only say you gotta be careful when working on them because they will come apart.

My best guess is that the guy makes about 2,000% margin for every set he sells, and I'm being conservative. In China (where they are likely made) they probably cost less than a dollar to make each.

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ditto here. The left front signal housing has the bulb socket "threading" going in the wrong way. When you get them on the edges are raised. i was going to try and cut down the posts a mm or two to see if that helps.

Mine have been sitting in the box since I tried putting them on two weeks ago and greatly disliked the fit.
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