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The Ducati.ms Classifieds section is a place for members to post items for sale, trade, or for items they would like to buy.

Please begin the title of your thread with one of the following prefixes to identify the intention of the post:
FS = For Sale
Trade = Want to Trade
WTB = Want to Buy

Please note that this section is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALES or SPAM sale threads. These threads will be dealt with accordingly, whether it be deleted or moved.

1) The Classified sections are open to all registered members.

2) No third-party sales. Please do not list something you do not own or something you are selling for a friend. Your friend should join us and become a member, right? :)

3) No outside sales links are allowed. No eBay, Craigslist, Cycletrader or any other link to your item for sale elsewhere will be allowed. This section has enough traffic without them.

4) Please be as detailed as possible. Pictures help sell all kinds of merchandise.

5) Make sure you LIST A PRICE for every item. Prices are required. This is not an auction site.

6) No "Feeler" ads. It's either for sale or it isn't.

7) Items for trade still need a cash value listed.

8) Although we are a Ducati focused group, as long as you have been a member for "a while", you can list any other brand of motorcycle for sale in the Classifieds.

9) Please make sure your profile has the necessary information (i.e., email address and name) to allow a potential buyer to contact you. Phone numbers can be helpful too.

10) If you have lots of stuff to sell, please put it in ONE posting. Don't hog the page!

11) Please don't spam the board - post your ad ONCE and bump it if you need to. One bump permitted in a 24 hour period...violator's posts will be deleted. Multiple posts of the same ad will be vaporized on sight. If you have multiple threads posted from different times, limit bumps to 3 or 4 at any one time. Don't hog the page!

12) When an item is sold or a WTB item is attained, please post a message to that fact so we can close the ad.

13) All Classified threads will be closed one year from the date of the original post or last activity.

If not enough information is provided, you will be asked to re-submit or edit your post with the changes requested. Ads that are not updated with the requested information may be deleted without notice.


If there is an item posted that you would be interested in purchasing but have specific questions about, please post only that which is needed to be answered by the seller directly. You may post a reply on the thread or Private Message the seller. PLEASE keep comments and conversations off of these threads so we can keep the topic focused to the post.
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