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Well I finally did it. I bought a Duc. Ive been a KTM guy for years and in the spring and summer work a professional camera bike. Normally I have a shooter on the back of the 950 but next season I will shoot in front of the peloton from the mount of a rebuilt Clapped out 95 CR. Planning a frame up and the shop is getting in order to pull her apart.
I have some inspiration for this project. I am looking to go minimal. Not sure if it will be naked or old school cafe but all the stock plastic is gone. this is a solo rig and all tabs for a duece unnecessary and will be removed from frame. Custom rear sets a must. New triples and work on the suspension. The guy I bought it from said they had Race Tech valves but who knows.
Motor has a sweet dry clutch, I am sure valves need adjusted. He just put new belts on. Will need help with that one. Have not done a compression test yet and will do the rings at least. Looking at cam options to . Thinking about a 944 big bore kit (all my other bikes are big bores and I love how smooth they pull). Might put some 41mm Mikuni's on AT SOME POINT but thats a chunk of change and the CV's are just rebuilt.
Bike has 28,000 on the clock. It is a bit of a frankin bike and hence the screaming deal on it. I have 4 months of tinkering. I am looking for inspiration on this from images to suggestions on the build. I am pretty good mechanically on anything naturally aspirated. Never worked on a two valve twin but I am not scared.
First Create a vison of the end result
second task check the motor
Third get her down t the frame
Forth Suspension and steering options
fith put her together.

Not looking to go crazy overboard investing in this so lets see where it leads me.

I hope you guys on this forum can help me out.
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