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Chip question

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The 1998 ST2 that I have came with a UltiMap UM 161 installed. I have the original Chip that is marked St2 USA 067U. Someone recently told me that my bike would run much better with the original chip installed.

I know next to nothing about the subject so I thought I'd ask here.

I guess 'running better' leaves a lot of questions. I'm not looking for better gas mileage, just the best running bike I can have. I live at 6,000 feet and my bike runs like crap up here compared to sea level. Not only is the 3,900 rpm stumble terrible at altitude but just overall it's unreal how nice the bike is at sea level.

Anyway, someone mentioned that my bike runs to lean and that I should swap back the original chip.

I should also note that I have gianelli pipes.

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Er, um yeah... You are speaking greek to me...

You could try trimming the pot to see what kind of results you obtain in your area; LH rich and RH lean. Be very careful to note when you have reached the limits as you can damage the pot if forced beyond its travel.
yes be careful when trimming pot it's dangerous and illeagal:eek:


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