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So I stroll into a super cool motorcycle shop in Mannheim Germany today and I find this! And they have all sizes hanging on the rack in person to be fully checked out. From the initial inspection, it really seems like a top notch piece of kit. Without going into full blown details, it actually made me regret my Olympia Phantom that I actually love! This one had the full length zipper (collar to ankle) like the Aerostitch too. Not having that zipper is my number one of only a couple very minor complaints about my Olympia. This thing had it all though. Construction and materials seemed top shelf like everything else. Guess you never know how they'll hold up until you try it, but initial impressions were 110% positive. Like I said, it instantly made me want it over my Olympia.

Here's a funny observation though...I included the link for a UK site I searched for so you could see it in English, but I also included the German site of the store I found it in. Notice the prices. 249 Euro in Germany, and 249 Pounds in England. Can you guess which one is much much cheaper for the same suit??

Anyways, would love to hear if anyone knows about this suit or has any experience with it. God forbid anything happens to my Olympia cause she got me through a soaking wet nasty winter, but if it did...


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