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Cheap get up and go for 749S

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Just looking for a little advice on how to squeeze some more low end power out of the 749S. I am really impressed with the over all feel of the bike but would love to have a little more of the low end grunt the 996 has (if it's possible).

I'm thinking of changing the rear sprocket but not sure what size to go with. Will this drastically change high gear performance?

Some other considerations:
Air filter
(slip ons if I can part with the extra coin)

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making low end torque is next to impossible. you can make horsepower, but when it comes to torque down low, this is no replacement for displacement.
gear the sucker. 1 down 2 up.

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I would try gearing first.

Of the mods you mentioned. Gearing would be the biggest bang for the buck. 14/41 is a number I've seen alot of people recommend.
With any of theses bikes, good FI mapping, and dialing in the cams will smooth things out. After that I believe your next step would be motor work, "R" cams alone would make a difference. Alot of people end up going with larger dispacement kits, 853 etc. There are tons of threads by people that know more than I about this mod.
Other than that you can take the weight loss route. Lighter wheels, CF, 520 chain, etc. How much you spend and where you stop is up to how large of a hold this "sickness" has on you.
I personally haven't done any performance mods to my 998. I did the exhaust for the sound. I have been spending my money on trackdays and tires. The bike performs better than I'll ever need stock. My 2 cent. Ken.

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+1 of Fox
The gearing is too tall. 14/40 or 14/41 is as what i hear from alot of folks.

Then open the intake and exhaust.

Start looking at camtiming
Here is some info on that and the outcome

But loosing weight is better then gaining HP.

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