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Charging Battery on 749/ 999

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Is the battery on a 749 positve grounded or negative grounded? Kinda new to the whole battery charging thing. Just got a BatteryMINDer and want to give it a try.

The instructions also say to put the other clamp on the engine block or the frame- which is the safest?

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galaxy said:
OK, I gotta ask....I've been hanging around these forums for about two years now and have never asked this question, so here goes. (and I ask this question very carefully while I knock on wood)... What is up with all the battery tender / charging all the time stuff??? I have found the #1 best way to keep a battery charged is to ride it!!! I have about 18 years (off & on) riding experience and I have never owned a battery tender and I have also never had a battery go dead. My job takes me away from home and my bikes sit for weeks at a time and they always fire right up when I return. Now for someone who has to hibernate thier bike through a full winter I can understand that, but for us that live where there's a 12 month riding season, or the winters aren't that extreme I just don't get it. Maybe I've been lucky so far and my luck just ran out from asking the question, but still....
The answer to your question is an easy one .... some people have other things in life to do than just ride!! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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