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Charging Battery on 749/ 999

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Is the battery on a 749 positve grounded or negative grounded? Kinda new to the whole battery charging thing. Just got a BatteryMINDer and want to give it a try.

The instructions also say to put the other clamp on the engine block or the frame- which is the safest?

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racedfila749 said:
Leaving the kill switch on as in, if it were in the on position the bike would start or on as in up and the bike wont start. I'm confused about this.
I would leave the kill switch in the On position while parked for both my bikes, and I guess it was never a problem since I used to ride a lot more. But recently they've just been sitting in the garage, so it was tough to fire up my F4i after a month of just sitting there. (the 749 was actually ok)

According to my buddy leaving the kill switch in the On position drains the battery a bit, so I felt like a moron after I found out.
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