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Charging Battery on 749/ 999

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Is the battery on a 749 positve grounded or negative grounded? Kinda new to the whole battery charging thing. Just got a BatteryMINDer and want to give it a try.

The instructions also say to put the other clamp on the engine block or the frame- which is the safest?

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Seems like the older ducatis require a fully charged battery to crank the motor enough to get it to start, especially on cold mornings. My monster has a high comp piston kit in it and really takes full battery charge to turn it over. After a year or so, if I dont ride the bike like every week, the bike starts cranking slower and slower. On my track bike, if I let it sit for 2 months, it wont turn over at all. I use the tenders, especially in the winter months.

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