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Charging Battery on 749/ 999

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Is the battery on a 749 positve grounded or negative grounded? Kinda new to the whole battery charging thing. Just got a BatteryMINDer and want to give it a try.

The instructions also say to put the other clamp on the engine block or the frame- which is the safest?

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galaxy said:
OK, I gotta ask....I've been hanging around these forums for about two years now and have never asked this question, so here goes. (and I ask this question very carefully while I knock on wood)... What is up with all the battery tender / charging all the time stuff??? I have found the #1 best way to keep a battery charged is to ride it!!! I have about 18 years (off & on) riding experience and I have never owned a battery tender and I have also never had a battery go dead. My job takes me away from home and my bikes sit for weeks at a time and they always fire right up when I return. Now for someone who has to hibernate thier bike through a full winter I can understand that, but for us that live where there's a 12 month riding season, or the winters aren't that extreme I just don't get it. Maybe I've been lucky so far and my luck just ran out from asking the question, but still....
Yeah, I can't help but agree with your comments. I've never used a battery tender, not on my Ducati's anyway. Had a 998 for a couple of years but never owned a 996 or a 916 and these bikes definately had smaller alternators. Never had a problem with 749R even after leaving it idle for a month. Started first hit of the button. I think when people hear about problems with the pre-02 bikes they assume those problems where not solved.
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