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Some days ago I installed the kit Termi + injection computer + open airbox + high flow filter.

Because the intake sounded too much I decided to put the original cover of the airbox, leaving installed the high flow air filter that came with the kit.

From that moment the bike has been going fantastic, but a friend has told me that maybe it is going to cause some troubles regarding the proportion of air/fuel... making the mixture too poor and causing overheating!!! :eek:

The idle coes fine, the engine is not getting hotter than before, and in that particular case I think that the original airbox is big enough, and with the high-flow air filter the air flows quicker than with the original, so it shouldn't make such a big difference to the fuel/air ratios.

What do you think about it?

Thanks in advance,

Alicante - Spain

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Personally, I love the open airbox. Yeah, you get a lot more intake noise, but I love that honk, especially when you get on it. :) Otherwise, it's not really a question of how much air is allowed through the filter so much as it is how much air is the filter allowed to get in the first place. It's been a while since I've looked at the intake horns on the airbox cover, but as I recall there's two intakes, about 1" in diameter. Compare that to an unrestricted airbox - regardless of the filter, there is more air available to the intake.

A difference in engine temperature won't occur because you've replaced the airbox cover, but the difference in fuel mixture will. You have changed the whole air/fuel equation (with the new EFI computer) to expect a certain ratio, and now you are restricting part of that ratio with the airbox cover. I doubt this will change the engine's operating temperature so much as it will cause your bike to run rich due to the somewhat restricted intake. Really, it's the air rushing around the outside of the engine as you ride it, not the air being sucked down the intake that cools it (although it helps somewhat, possibly?)

Basically, I doubt you'll overheat with the performance mods and the airbox cover installed; however your bike may not run as well as it could, unless you tweak the EFI computer to compensate for the airbox cover being on there again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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