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Ceramic bearing pivot shifter

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Screwing around with my highly modified Chinese shift lever. I wanted to eliminate any and all side to side play and twisting play so I started searching for a bearing that would fit instead of the bushing. The hole is 15mm. The bearings I found are ceramic with an outer diameter of 16mm($10 for 5 of them). I took the lever to the mill and opened the hole up .5-.8mm . I left the bushing in to give the bearing a stopping point on either side(that way I have more options for bolts). I had to make a center spacer for between the 2 bearings as well as find a washer/spacer small enough to allow the clamping pressure to only focus on the center race of the bearing. The bolt I used is from a brembo 4 piston caliper, it was originally ment to hold the 2 halves of the caliper together so I'm confident in its holding ability till I find something else or turn down the OEM bolt. My goal was achieved. Zero twisting play and zero in n out play. It is has a very smooth movement as well. We will see how it rides to work. It may not be the most pretty but when I get a new oven i will powder coat it and it will look very pretty.


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Looks fine to me. Good job.
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