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Carbon Fiber Question

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I'm looking for AFFORDABLE carbon fiber(oxymoron ?) goodies for my bike. I was looking on ebay but I have no idea what to look for or ask to find good quality cf :think: ? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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We avoid wet lay up products for a number of reasons as we are trying to deliver a better product overall. We feel that if people pay for carbon--they should get a real CF product with all of it's properties that made it popular in racing in the first place. It is easy to make s shiney product. The good pieces are light and strong as well. Most wet lay up CF is shinier than pre-preg product as it often has an extra thick layer of resin. If your objective is pure cosmetics -then anything thing that is shiney and looks like carbon should fit the bill. There are some fibreglass pieces with one layer of CF on it and some Faux plastic pieces out there as well.

Good pre-preg CF is much lighter, denser, stiffer and more flexible when stressed than wet lay. It is is usually more consistent from one piece to another. The application of rsein is more even since it is pre-impregnated from the factory rather than hand applied. Since it is "cooked" under pressure in an autoclave, there is less resin in the products so it is stronger yet more flexible when stressed.

Even though fairings are not structural, you are much better off with a good pre-preg CF piece than a wet lay-up CF piece as it will survive lowsides much better and often only sustain surface damage than can easily be fixed. The wet lay up CF pieces often shatter into little bits.
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