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Carb'd SS Aftermarket Wheels Pictures?

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Hey everyone,
I was wanting to know if anyone out there had put some aftermarket wheels on thier SS. I know edwyn has some wierd spoked ones, but really havent seen any others on there. I cant really visualize what they look like on the bike so there you go. I would like to see some of those Carrozi (sp?) nifty looking wheels on one, just for grins, and anything else that is out there. Thanks a bunch ya'll.

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duc97sp1 said:
PS, nice pic and a sweeet looking SP. Should look sinister in black/cf, gold wheels and gold lettering. BTW, where'd you get that c/f tank protector?
The tank protector is from a company that no longer makes carbon fiber parts, but I think a similar one is available from an outfit in Germany. I'll find the link for the place and post it later.
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