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Finally got around to removing the GT's exhaust emissions cannister. Don't know why I dreaded this little chore for so long as it's an easy 30 minute job that took me an hour only because I work so slowly.

If you haven't removed yours yet, here are a few thoughts while they're fresh in my mind:

You don't need to disconnect anything from the cannister except for the thick hose, which is your gas tank vent hose. After disconnecting it from the cannister, re-route it until the end of it is as near to the ground as possible.

Remove the cannister bracket from the engine cases using a 5mm hex key, noting how little torque it takes to break the bolts loose. The cannister will now hang free. Clean the threads of the bolts, dab on a little Lock-Tite, and replace the bolts with about the same torque that it took for removal.

Trace the thin hoses from the cannister and remove their ends (there's a "T" fitting involved) from the throttle bodies. Pull the hoses free. Toss the cannister.

You can either replace the hose fitting bolts in the throttle bodies with like sized plain bolts, or run a length of the thin hose that you just removed from one fitting to the other (all you're doing is plugging a pair of vacuum leaks). Or, you can call PJ's Triumph/Ducati in Albuquerque, NM at (505) 323-6700 and tell them what you just did and that you need a set of their cool neoprene throttle body caps. They'll know just what you mean. The caps cost less than the postage. Done!

Now the bike can be admired from both sides!
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