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Caravan for VIR day April 10-11

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OK I'm going to VIR April 10-11 and well as a couple of my friends. I know Zooom is going as well as Ken (Maryland998). Wondering if anyone else here is headed down there? For those going we'll probably leave Sunday afternoon. Thinking of maybe a group of us caravaning it down there.
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Everyone will have a tent for shade. I would definitely recommend against riding your bike. I won't have room since I'll have a 1 bike trailer and my car can't tow 2 bikes. But ask the organizer and maybe on the MAD site if anyone has extra space. If not I would recommend renting a cargo van from Enterprise. It's like $75 a day maybe unlimited mileage. You do NOT want to ride back after a track day. Unless you are staying Tuesday night as well. Still then you could get hurt in a wreck and then you're in tough predicament. Or your bike could get wrecked. Not trying to jinx you but it's rare that I see people ride to a track day.

Here are some hotel prices I checked into today. My friends I'm going with are wanting to go with the cheaper hotels. I'd prefer the Lodge myself but it is double the price.

Lodge - on the track - $89 a night total of $97.90 a night.

30 miles away from VIR - South Boston - Days Inn $55.80 $61.38
after tax (434)-572-4941

12-15 miles from VIR - Days Inn Danville - $55.50 $60.78 after tax

20 minutes away (15 miles) from VIR - Super 8 - $50 $55.05 after tax
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