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Canister removal question

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Anyone know where to find a DIY link for removing what looks to be a small fuel canister located under the seat? It's the little black canister with the hoses coming and out of it. Someone told me that it was useless and should be removed. Anyone know what I am talking about and what it is?
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Hopefully that's not the fuel filter you're referring to. What year bike are we talking about here? I have a '97 m750 and the fuel filter is attached to the underside of the tank itself - but you don't want to remove it. Got a picture, too, just in case?
Sounds like the charcoal filter for the smog removal system.
You have to find out the correct procedure to re-plumb the hoses so you dont effect the carb/performance but, you can remove it!
and it will preform better.
Must be one a them thar new-fangled widgits ;)
If it is in fact the emission canister (found behind the right side panel on the non s2r bikes), this link will tell you everything you need to know. It's a piece of cake...

emissions removal
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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