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cams interchangable?

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in a bit of haste i bought a set of cams from a 996 because i know i'll need at the least one new cam after the damage i've done to my current 748 engine. will those 996 cams fit in the 748 head?

i know duration, lift, etc. is the same.

either way i think i have 4 cames from a 996 w/ 2900miles on em for sale.

and since sale is up, anyone disagree that a 2000 748 motor with 1.5k miles on it (complete) is a good deal for $500. all rockers are ace, and valves well within spec.
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According to the Ducati parts manuals, the 748 and the 996 in 2001 had the same part numbers for all four cams. I believe they are the same cams, all the way around, and can be swapped from one engine to another......I believe each cam is specific for vertical or horizontal and intake or exhaust, so you must use the cam designed for that particular use. $500 doesn't sound bad at all....assuming that everything really has been checked out.

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the A1 cam is the std 4 valve cam fitted to all 851, 888, 916, 996, and 748.
the sp's in all these models had different profiles and the 851 and 888 bikes had a mechanical cam drive on the front intake cam. so yes it should fit.
the sp's were fitted with high performance profile cams, the 996 sps and euro spec S models had the T1. the 916 sp and 888 sp5 had a G inlet and A exhaust. the 888sp4, and 851 sp3, and 851 sp2 (still 888cc) had A inlet and A exhaust cams. the original 851sp had A inlets and A exhaust aswell.

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