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Cam questions

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I was reading from a store site that said " The "R" cam was in the 01 996 SPS, 02 998 R, 03-04 999 R, and became the standard cam in the 05-06 999. Is this true? If it is, what are they using in the 05-06 999 R? Will it fit and show gain in an 02 998? If it is still the same cam, shouldn't it be cheaper to buy a stock 05-06 cam to upgrade my 02 998?
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A 996 SPS is a desmoquattro 996 motor. Nothing on that motor is compatible with a Testa motor.

The big Testa motor debuted in 996R which I believe used same cam as your 998. This same cam is also used in '03-'04 999 and USA versions of '03-'04 999s. The slightly higher lift and significantly longer duration "S" cams you are likely seeking can be found in all Euro 998S, 999S, '05+ 999 and 999S as well as the '03 999R. The '04+ 999R uses a higher lift cam. This late 999R cam WILL NOT fit in any other motor! Similarly the 749R cam is also unique to that application only.

Fitting the hotter S cams on your 998? Could very well show gains in hp and torque but for best results will need lots of related work. I'd certainly recommend higher compression forged slugs, port work, EFI mapping and exhaust system. Not cheap by any means but properly tuned I'd expect at least 15% boost in top-end hp. Not sure if you really need that kind of power boost, I'd personally spend that $$ on a serious mass reduction program but it's your bike to have fun with.

Take care.
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