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Cafe Style Fairing

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Does anyone know where to source these short cafe-style lowers?

J Moran


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Cafe Style fairing

Not sure about that one but this guy sells a couple of pretty looking cafe fairings.

The mini fairings from Kaemna are produced by german company diopa www.diopa.com. The side panels don't fit to the original upper fairing. I have seen these mini side panels before on some web site. As I recall it was on www.italo-shop.de but I can't find them anymore

What do you guys think about the NCR Milona type of fairing for the supersport. I hope somebody will start producing it.
Thanks for the links and the kaema.de minis are definitely possibilities. Maybe the owner of the bike in the pic just cut down and reworked his original half-fairings.
The extra short side panels do pop up on Ebay here in europe from time to time. you just need to be on the look out!

cheap too.
around 40 euro for a set unpainted.

man- I'm washing my bike, and for the past two months I've been thinking about buying a set of half fairings since it's getting pretty hot around here, and the bike gets really hot while commuting...I come on here to ask if anyone has any leads, and this is the first thread I see....amazing!


anywho, I'm REALLY liking the half fairing thing that y'all are posting, however, there's one problem, I live in the states, and I don't speak german.

I'm liking the half fairings, but not the crazy projection bulbs.

I'm really liking this: http://www.kaemna.de/cms_en/katalog.htm?&view=artikel&artikel=37

But the pictures don't tell me much if anything at all.

In this picture:

There's a bump on the upper part of the fairing, by where the mirror would mount, what is that?

Also, can anyone attest to the build quality of this stuff? Is it any good?
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I've got one on a shelf. Was going to mount it, but mounted a CF full fairing instead.

Don't know what the bumps are, mine has them as well. They are NOT where the mirrors mount, they are forward of the mirrors. I expect aerodynamic or resonance reasons.

I'll probably mount and paint it next winter, to have as a spare for when I don't want the full fairing. It weighs 1.2 kg (vs. 2.5 kg for my CF full fairing).

The quality seems fine.

would you have the time to take a few more photos for us?

I'd really love to see some other shots of this piece.

If I thought my email to them would be understood, I'd ask about the bumps....lol
Kaemna has always answered my questions quickly and in English.

good to know!

I'll shoot them some emails!
ok - I've emailed them asking for more pictures, for fitment information, and if they will ship to the states and to give me a total price.

We'll see how it all turns out!
A buddy of mine has one of the short fairings he wants to sell. Its in red gelcoat as i remember, so needs painting. other than that in good condition.

he wants 100 euro for it. Shipping to the states would be about 30 euro.

if anyone is interested let me know.



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