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Anyone tried going through Costco for a bike purchase? They seem to have a pretty legit buying program where you get below MSRP at the dealer that is on this program.

You call Costco and let them know which bike, they will give you a dealer that is working with them on this program in your area.. Then they email you a letter that you need to take to the dealer to get the price. You will not know the price until you go to the dealer, but it is much less than if you where to do it on your own. Plus no waisted time, great price and no haggling with sales guy.

No haggling or surprises, the price is pre set by the dealer and Costco.
You also get 15% of all gear and services if you show the Costco card at anytime.
Not bad to use for services and gear.. You also get $200 after the purchase of the bike through Costco to use anytime in the store for services or gear.
I've been reading many forums about people buying cars and bikes through Costco and all are very happy and surprised at the pricing.
I will definitely be doing this on my next Hyper purchase.
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