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Building a bike for me...one i will keep...

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My first encounter with Ducati didn’t go well... A few years ago I bought an ST4... really tidy bike and I spent some time servicing it before riding it... after a month I decided it was not for me... I just didn’t gel with the bike.

Roll on a couple of years to last Winter and i picked up an accident damaged Multistrada which i built up over the winter months into what became known as the Multi Monster. I finished the bike in the spring and Have ridden it all summer. I absolutely love the bike!

I have always done a project over the winter months and decided to buy another Ducati, picking up a nice 600 Monster a few months ago, I was going to turn it into a scrambler type custom... however, the more I rode the Multistrada, the more I loved it. I kept finding excuses to just pop out and have a ride... i usually sell my projects at the end of the summer...

It’s always been in my mind to build a bike that I would keep... and in many ways the Multistrada fitted the bill, BUT, there were aspects of the bike I really didn’t like... such as the plastic tank, and the issues with Ethanol in fuel. Also all the electronics... the lcd screen on the instrument had already failed in places. Both will give issues in the future.

I sat in the garage looking at both bikes a few weeks ago... and decided I like the multistrada so much I was going to put my effort into that over the winter as my project. The Monster has been sold to a new owner!

I have been thinking about what I want as a keeper, a bike for me... and thats the important bit... I am not building this to sell on as I usually do... so i set out my criteria.

Light as i can make it without going expensive, I struggle with the weight of my Harley at times...
Minimal electronics. Just electronic ignition
Carburettors... yes I know... dinosaur
Metal tank - an ST4 tank fits, but I may make one from scratch, we will see on that one...
Single seat
A mix of retro and modern... round headlight for a start on the retro look, and under seat exhaust for the modern!

Progress so far... i have bought a nice pair of Monster carburettors and a simple electronic ignition from igntech. I have cut the back of the frame off and ordered the alloy tube to make a subframe. I have also ordered some alloy tube to make the inlet manifolds.

Soon as I am back from holiday I will make a start, and if people are interested I will update this thread with progress.

For now, here are a few pictures, and a link to the build blog on the


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Welcome to the forum (60-some posts later). We love project threads! You should document your project over in the Multi section.

Please fill out your location info in your profile.

Thanks and enjoy the site.
Thanks, i have added to my profile and will start a build thread once i get started! Cant wait to return home and get started... been buying lots on Ebay, the parcels are stackking up in the hall!
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