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BST carbon rims on 1000s, pics?

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Hi all,

I have a 1000s with a few mods, including adjustable Showa front forks, but have been toying with the idea of upgrading the handing and the brakes. Was thinking BST carbon rims, and whatever brake calipers will fit (so long as they are an improvement over stock).

I am aware however carbon on a 'sportclassic' may ruin the asthetics, as the 70's cafe racer look is a big reason I bought the bike.

Which leads me to, has anyone got any pictures of a 1000s with the BST carbon rims fitted? I know its an expensive mod, which not many will have done, but I can't seem to find any on the internet.

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Go down to the Vendors portion of this board, click on the MotoWheels thread, and in any of their posts you will find a listing in their signature block for their project bikes. They have a thread dedicated to their SC1000, on which they used their BST carbon wheels. Looks pretty sweet.

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cheers Gents,

I was specifically looking for BST featured on a 1000s (red), just to see what they look like.. they look great on all these bikes, but I think the black frame / swingarm helps.. not sure if they'll look quite so good on a red 1000s

The more I look at the non-faired sport, the more I think I should have gone for one... mmm

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Thanks for that pic of 1000s with black BST's.

It's funny how the bike has Ohlins forks and BST wheels, but stock pipes and no tail chop.


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Here is picture of the bike:

The BST are an improvement over the forged aluminum marchesini wheels that we are on it before...

because of the S4RS forks we used:
BST CF "Street" Front Wheel: 749/999,S4RS,D16

and for the rear

BST CF "Street" Rear Wheel (5.75"): Mon,S4,ST, SC

We use a different front wheel for aftermarket calipers or stock calipers.


The BST wheels look incredible! I'm seriously looking to purchase them. I also want to upgrade to radial brakes from standard.
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