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Broken Timing Belt, '03 ST4S

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Welp, pulled the covers today after the motor went out on the highway, and it would appear I'm screwed. Belt has broken on the horizontal cylinder.
So what damage am I possibly looking at? Valves, guides, etc? I'm new to working on the desmoquattro (LT's guide is on it's way), these are interference motors, correct? Possibly a chomped up piston?
Give it to me straight, doctors.
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Maintenance is key on these. Oil change and filter, air filter, spark plugs, belts, valve adjustment, coolant, brake and clutch fluids. Unless you know the person and have receipts or first hand knowledge just plan on doing all of these things. If the tires are 5 years old or more junk them. Chain and sprockets need to be in good shape. Then you can be sure of your starting point. And start to ride with confidence.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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