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Hi, if you like me, broke the tip in the sensor of the oil sensor, you can buy a cheap replacement that is used in cars (VW, Audi...). The original (THERMISTOR 55210452A, thread size M10) costs about 40 euros, and the replacement about 5.

Here are the replacements which I managed to find:
TOPRAN 100 854 (measuring range up to 180 ° C)
TOPRAN 100 855 (measuring range up to 180 ° C)
FACET 7.3093
Febi FEB33825 (measuring range up to 180 ° C)
BERU ST065 (measuring range up to 180 ° C)

These parts are easy to find in Europe, I do not know how in the US.

Greetings and I wish you all the best in the new year :)


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