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I just finished reading the February issues of “Bike” and “Ride” – two British motorcycle magazines.

“Bike” does a comparison of a Ducati Sport Classic, a Triumph Thruxton and a Harley Sportster. The Triumph "wins" because the riders do not like the riding position of the Ducati. (In every other measure the Ducati comes out on top.) The Harley comes in dead last.

“Ride” compares a Ducati Paul Smart, a Triumph Thruxton and a Voxon Café Racer (it’s French). They like the Ducati by a long shot.

One of the “Ride” testers says of the Ducati, “It’s a machine you fall in love with every time you climb on. If I had to decide between a new Japanese supersports bike or the Ducati I’d pick the Paul Smart. Whether parked, cruising in town or blasting down your favorite A-road, it gives you a feeling like no other.”

Thanks, "Ride" but we already knew that.
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Would it be possible to get the "Ride" article scanned and posted on this site? I went to Border's, B&N, etc. and they already have the March issue on the shelves.

I have a PS1000 but I live in Mass. and, due to the cold and salt on the roads, I haven't put one mile on it yet; I'd like to at least get a vicarious thrill by reading about someone else ejoying a PS.



Steve Ross
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