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Good Morning One and All.

With all this gorgeous spring sunshine it seemed stupid to not be taking advantage and arranging a good ride-out. I know a few of us were talking at the Pub Meet on Monday and this met with huge support. Alas after checking my diary it appears i have got a leave pass for Saturday and prior commitments on Sunday (Sorry Bob - Can you and your son make Saturday?)

With this in mind i was wondering who would be up and interested in a leisurely ride on saturday. No rush or stress just a meet at Riders of Bristol (possibly 1030/1100 hrs). A QUICK brew and a butty for who ever wants one and then off on the road - most probable destination Abergavenny via the old bridge - and then we can take it from there.

So can anyone who is interested please reply asap - preferably to my mobile so that i have a rough idea as to who may be coming, and don't wait around for people who are not.

Hope to hear from you soon
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